1-1 private sessions

1-1 Private Sessions

One off 1-1 private sessions are generally for those who need some short-term assistance overcoming an issue they can’t seem to work through by themselves. I help people gain insights and higher perception on different areas of their lives that they feel stuck in. I also help people through traumatic events such as bereavement, relationship break-ups, abuse, loss of friendships/families/peer groups as a result of their spiritual awakening, and much more.

I have many tools at my disposal so what ones will be required during a session varies dramatically depending on the person and the situation. Often clients come to me with an idea of what tools they want me to use, e.g., energy work, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Perhaps a house clearing needs to happen first, and then a soul retrieval, before we use energy work. I intuitively feel into the person sitting in front of me in the moment and the path reveals itself.

Spirituality, metaphysics, healing, etc. are generally regarded as serious work but I feel that light-heartedness is as much a part of this journey as the seriousness. If we can’t bring levity to the darkest of places, it can get pretty depressing, so I naturally weave lightness through the heavier parts of the work to bring balance.

Sessions are 1hr 30mins and the investment is $144usd, or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency. If you are unsure what service you need please get in touch and I’ll try clarify things for you. 

1-1 private session (1hr 30 mins) in person or online: US$144

Call or email me to arrange a date and time for your session. Once confirmed you can pay via PayPal (below), Revolut, or crypto.
Mobile: +1 905 226 9619 (Canadian number so use Whatsapp if outside Canada) or email shane(@)shaman.ie