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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing has been around for hundreds of thousands of years yet is still largely hidden from the masses as a healing modality. While many forms of healing exist to address certain physical and mental ailments, there are unique aspects of our being that are best healed by shamanic methods. Recurring illness, for example, could be due to many factors, including diet, environmental causes like geopathic stress, life stress from work or home, genetics, etc. However, it can also be due to loss of personal power/life force/chi. In shamanic terms this is called power animal loss, a loss of the qualities and strengths that the animal represents that we have lost, repressed, given away, or had stolen. Other symptoms of power loss are fatigue, depression, and even bad luck! Having a shaman return your power animal to you can be the missing piece of healing for the above symptoms.

When we go through any trauma, especially major trauma like abuse, bereavement, surgery, etc. we have an in-built survival mechanism in place to buffer against such hostile and overwhelming experiences. Part of our soul/essence fragments from our physical bodies so as not to feel the full force of the experience. Sometimes these parts will return of their own accord but often they are frozen in trauma and not willing or able to return. Symptoms of soul loss would be not feeling present in your body, lack of self-awareness, not being able to read the room, an empty feeling that can never be filled (even with drink, drugs, sex, food, exercise, or work), a glass half-empty feeling, depression, dimmed emotions and senses, and many more. Having lost soul parts returned can help you feel more present and alive in your body with heightened senses and a deeper appreciation and zest for life. Through a deep meditation the Shaman will go to the soul realms to retrieve and heal lost soul parts before bringing them home to your body.

Another reason for feeling energy loss, depression, and particularly thoughts and feelings that are out of character for you, is a negative spiritual intrusion. This can come in many forms but predominately as a negative entity in your energy fields. When we drink alcohol, do drugs, or anything else that can lower our energy fields, it can open the door for spiritual intrusions that will deplete our life force and cause us to feel very low on energy, fearful, and very out of sorts. Over a period of time, it can lead to illness, poor decision making, loss of support structures, like friends and family, addiction, etc…

A spiritual intrusion can also be negative thought forms/curses directed at you or even negative self-talk over a prolonged period. There are also energetic implants and past life trauma that can be stored in the body. To remove these negative energies the shaman will go into an altered state of consciousness (deep meditation) and will observe your energetic body through inner vision to see, sense, feel these energies and remove them through various methods.


A series of stressful events happened a few days after my little boy was born in 2007. What should have been a very happy time, turned into the saddest period of my life. I slowly became withdrawn into myself and very anxious, this coupled with a failing business led me to the lowest point I have ever been at. I tried to pick myself up, but I would panic when the phone rang, I crossed the street when I met people I knew and I was generally down all the time.

Three years later, when my business finally closed, I felt a weight lifted as the source of the stress was gone. Things got much better and a few months later I had a beautiful baby girl. I was feeling much better and stronger, but not myself. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but something was missing. I felt I had everything to live for and a bright future, so I just got on with things and kept doing so until I met Shane in August. I was learning EFT with my little boy and obviously unblocking a lot of pent up energies and emotions. I broke down into tears one evening and all the old feelings came flooding back. Things I had blocked out and hidden for years, were all suddenly back with a vengeance. I contacted Shane and he suggested trying Soul Retrieval.

The experience itself was amazing and I felt intense energies in my body during and after the process. Shane explained in detail the various stages of the retrieval, meeting with my soul part, explaining why she left and what I could do to help her stay. He also described in accurate detail a scene from my past, something I connected with immediately.

Two months on, I am feeling fantastic. The “thing” that I was missing was my vitality. I have found happiness in small things again – hobbies and interests. I am motivated and love motivating people again – I have my confidence back. My husband is delighted to have his wife back and my kids are loving their fun mum ! My friends and family have commented on how happy I am and I am no longer willing to settle for just muddling through my life – we all deserve to live our life to its fullest.

A huge thanks to Shane for finding the missing piece of my jigsaw, he has an amazing gift and really put me at ease throughout.

Sarah, Dundalk

I was experiencing so much pain during my time of the month that I had to attend the emergency room 3 months in a row. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me but the pain was excruciating. I went to see Shane to see if he could help and he suggested a shamanic extraction. When he found the entity that was in my body and took it out I immediately gasped for air and felt such a profound release. It has been 6 months since I went to Shane for help and I have had no pain since!
Thank you so much Shane! I know this is part of what you do every day but you changed my life!