shaman’s fire

healing sounds for the soul

shaman’s fire – sound healing album 

Booming drum of heart’s desire
Ignites the flames of the Shaman’s Fire
Feeling to form, wild and free
Dancing to the beat of the cosmic symphony

5 music tracks embedded with powerful healing frequencies that can energetically transform your home or work space as well as providing profound, deep personal healing. Anyone can benefit from this music and it is also a powerful addition to any healing practice or spa. Holistic & Healthcare practitioners and therapists will find it useful to play during their sessions or in hospitals/retirement homes as the frequencies will remove many barriers to healing, particularly geopathic stress. You can also play the music quietly on your phone, ipod, or laptop wherever you are as people in the building you are playing it in do not need to hear it to benefit from it. Just hold intention that they receive the blessings from the music.

To purchase a digital download copy with a full 30 day money back guarantee, click “Purchase Now” below. Do not use while driving.

For any queries on these healing sounds email shane[@] or call Shane on +1 905 226 9619 (WhatsApp if outside Canada)


Shaman’s Fire Digital Download Album = $25USD

Shaman's Fire Power Sigil

Power Sigil created by the great seer and
mystic Almine for this album

There are 7 tracks in total. The first 4 tracks were recorded in forest by a creek near my home in Cobourg, Ontario with the 5th track (Shamanic Drumming) recorded under the birch trees at Lake Ontario. Tracks 2-4 are just track 1 separated into individual tracks of Tibetan bowl, drumming, and Koshi bells.  You can play the longer track while in meditation, for your clients, your family and pets, or in the background to clear harmful energies from the area or building it is played in, e.g. ghosts, curses, geopathic stress, negative energetic imprints from previous events on the land or in the building, and more. Alternatively, choose from the individual tracks of Tibetan bowl, Shamanic drumming, Koshi bells, or nature sounds.

The Tibetan bowl sets the scene and quietens the mind while clearing the energy of the physical space you are in. The Shamanic drumming opens the heart, tunes your brain frequency into the theta dream state, opens you up to align with Infinite intent, attunes you to the ascension attitudes of love, praise, gratitude, trust, & hope, cleanses the meridians and chakras, can bring back lost soul parts, and can take you on an adventure to other realms. The Koshi bells bring in the hidden realms of the fairies and angels who gently bring you out of the dream state of the drumming, instilling passion, joy and hope in your heart.

The added benefit of this music is that it is not just effective in your home. Try playing it in offices, schools, nurseries, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, bus and train stations, airports, ferries, football grounds, concert venues, prisons, town squares, courthouses, etc. If you are a business owner, the energy of your staff, clients, & workplace can improve simply by regularly playing this music!

After listening to these tracks people have reported feeling more grounded and present in their bodies with a more positive outlook on life. People have also reported a removal of layers of “stuff” that left them feeling freer and more capable of taking on more challenges.

To purchase the Digital Download version of the album with a full 30 day money back guarantee, click purchase now. Best listened to with headphones. Do not use while driving.



Shaman’s Fire Digital Download Album = $25USD

The first cut I played was the Koshi bells. My favourite instrument as you know. Within a few minutes of starting the track, the fairies started singing through me. The energy is intense and transformative. Very loving and fun. Brings out my inner child in play. It clears and strengthens the heart chakra field.  🙂

Thank you for this lovely and fun piece of music. 

Next the drumming. The steady, punctuated beating of the drum invigorates each chakra point. Breaking free any debris and leaving the chakra point open and flowing with energy. Cleansing and strengthening the whole chakra field. My heart field continued to open to contain the whole of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. Visually, it helps to focus on the hearth on Shanes website cover page.

The Tibetan bowl sounds were so profound and far reaching, as if they echoed across the Himalayas, blessing all in her wake. Each resounding twang of the bowl echoes into the unknown and unknowable.

This music is very profound and a blessing to all. Shane, you have really put your heart and soul into these musical elixirs.  Your album is worth every penny!

Thank you for sharing this with me Shane.

The Living Goddess

“Shane, just wanted to let you know that everything has erupted for me in the last two days – magical music. Work opportunities coming at me from multiple sides. One job offer and counting! After months of money and opportunities drying up it is amazing that it all changed within 2 days of listening to your music. I also had quite the healing experience as a major block in my chest intensified then magically disappeared!
Forever grateful