soul sound elixirs

personalised sound healing frequencies

soul sound elixirs
personalised sound healing frequencies for the soul

My sound healing album, Shaman’s Fire, has embedded in it many general healing frequencies, as well as space clearing intentions and frequencies. A personalised sound elixir however, has embedded frequencies that are specific to the individual who requested it. An example would be to have the frequencies of love, abundance, harmony in relationship, self-worth, and freedom embedded in the sound elixir. I would then imbue the sounds of the fairy bells or shamanic drum with these specific frequencies with the person in mind. Every time this sound elixir is played the person will receive and have these frequencies activated in their being. The elixir can serve to uplift, inspire, motivate, and fan the flames of your soul so that it can become the warmth that animates your reality.

According to the great seer and mystic Almine, as of January 1st 2023, we have now moved into a frequency-dominant, feminine reality. Reality is created through frequency, which is shaped by thoughts and perception (light and frequency combined). Therefore, emitting the frequencies of what you wish to have your life shaped with, i.e., your soul expression, is crucial right now.

To order a personalised soul sound elixir, feel into 5 frequencies/emotions/attitudes/areas of your life, that your soul wishes to express into your reality. Add them to the text box above the PayPal link below, pick either drum or fairy bells as the instrument, then click “buy now” to make a payment. Other payment options include Revolut and crypto. Email shane[@] for more details.

soul sound elixir – $95usd

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