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Sacred Space Clearing Workshop

In this workshop you will be given the gift to clear harmful energies from people and buildings through a combination of attunement and practical instruction. I will guide you through the process and will use my dowsing skills to confirm the results of your work. You don’t need any special skills, per se, but you do need to have intregrity and a pure heart. Ideally you should also be able to meditate or be able to go into a relaxed state relatively easily.

Upon completion of this 3 hour workshop you should be able to clear negative entities, geopathic stress, curses, energetic imprints, and the effects of the surrounding area on the building or person. This is a wonderful skill to add to your exisitng practice as a therapist, and can really accentuate healing for your clients. It is also a vital life skill to keep the places you live or visit clear of toxic energies.

We will gather again a week after the workshop for 1 hour to answer any questions you may have from your test cases.

Maximum 5 people per group session. usd$275 per person.

1-1 workshops also available for usd$365.


If you are interested please email 

shamanic sound healing meditation

June’s shamanic sound healing meditations will be held on Monday, June 5th 7-8.15pm and Monday, June 19th 7-8.15pm in Cobourg. Sound is well known to have a profound effect on our bodies at a cellular level, e.g., stimulating better blood flow and regulating blood pressure. I use several instruments, including Tibetan bowls, crystal pyramid, koshi bells, and my favourite, shamanic drum. Beating the drum at 4-7 beats per second tunes your brain into the theta frequency, which is a deeply relaxed dream state that can help your body rejuvenate as well as bring you into altered states of consciousness. It’s in these altered states that you can go on a shamanic journey to connect to other dimensions.

Wear loose clothing and bring some water. Investment is $25 payable in cash on the day. Email to reserve your place. First 10 people to confirm will have a place.

Check out this video on the effects of sound healing on your blood after 20 mins!