shamanic spiritual extraction

Shamanic Spiritual Extraction

A spiritual intrusion can present itself as in many forms but predominately as a negative entity in your energy fields. When we drink alcohol, do drugs, or anything else that can lower our energy fields, it can open the door for spiritual intrusions that will deplete our life force and cause us to feel very low on energy, fearful, nauseous, and very out of sorts. Over a period of time, it can lead to illness, loss of support structures, like friends and family, addiction, etc…

A spiritual intrusion can also be negative thought forms/curses directed at you or even negative self-talk over a prolonged period. There are also energetic implants and past life trauma that can be stored in the body. Removing all these hidden energetic entities can lead to feeling much more like yourself, more peaceful, healthy, vibrant and positive about life. To remove these negative energies the shaman will go into an altered state of consciousness (deep meditation) and will observe your energetic body through inner vision to see, sense, and/or feel these energies and remove them through various methods. This practice is non-invasive so all you need to do is lie down and enjoy the experience. A shamanic spiritual extraction typically lasts up to 1 hour and can be performed in-person or remotely. The price is $122

I was experiencing so much pain during my time of the month that I had to attend the emergency room 3 months in a row. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me but the pain was excruciating. I went to see Shane to see if he could help and he suggested a shamanic extraction. When he found the entity that was in my body and took it out I immediately gasped for air and felt such a profound release. It has been 6 months since I went to Shane for help and I have had no pain since!
Thank you so much Shane! I know this is part of what you do every day but you changed my life! 

My Mum was feeling completely out of sorts for weeks, not sleeping, agitated, moody, forgetting and losing things, angry, and all in all not herself. 
Shane picked up that she had entities in her energy fields and suggested doing a spiritual extraction. The night he did the clearing, my mum said she’d had the best sleep she’s had in weeks. She is in much better form and back to her old self. I don’t understand exactly what it is he does but it feels like magic to me and the immediate difference in my Mum is undeniable! What is the most mind-bending thing is he did it remotely from Canada and we are in Ireland!
Thank you Shane!