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work with me

12 Week Mentoring Programme (4 different levels available)

1- 1 Private Mentoring Session

Land & Building Clearing

Private Rune Reading

Private Belvaspata Ceremony

Soul Retrieval

My name is Shane Donohoe and I work with Lightworkers and those awakening to the fact that they are much more than they were led to believe. Having gone through my own awakening as a result of a life-changing event I have studied many areas of spirituality and healing over the years. Over the last several years I have been studying advanced metaphysics and mysticism which has given me a much broader and deeper persepective that I do not see in mainstream spiritual teachings.

The awakening process can be extremely tough as you are forced to let go of old habits, ways of thinking, and how you see yourself and the world around you. You may find you have less and less in common with your friends and the shallow life of human entertainment, meaningless conversations, and the madness of a self-destructive society can be disheartening and take its toll on your well-being.

For those who are particularly sensitive to the world around them they may feel the urge to completely withdraw from life and hope it all blows over. Many trawl the Internet looking for guidance and answers, for someone to explain what is going on and why are they feeling so lost, sad, hurt, and confused. Others go from retreat to retreat, from course to course looking for the holy grail of enlightenment and some pray or go to healers to make it all go away!

Of course there is value to all of these approaches as there are many ways up the mountain and some manage to find their way through the dense forest of gurus and teachers to a point of increased consciousness and personal power but many give up because it becomes too much. Too much effort, too much money, too much disappointment, too much pain, too many false dawns.

Let me save you some time and money straight away by telling you don’t need a guru and the answers you seek are within you; you just need the tools necessary to access those deeper parts of yourself that are crying out for expression. You are more powerful than you could possibly imagine yet at times you probably feel nothing could be further from the truth. Our life experiences, belief systems and programs of the mind and heart have kept us feeling small and helpless when we are anything but. We are divine beings having a human experience and if you are reading this then somewhere in the vastness of your being you know this to be true. 

 I want to help you see your own divinity by empowering you to clear away the debris of eons of programming so you can see more clearly without the filters of matrices and webs of belief systems. I want to empower you to live like the divine being that you are, a life of grace, joy, passion, & glory. By seeing the bigger picture you can navigate your life with much more ease and poise. 

This is not an overnight process and requires dedication of the highest order. If you want this life for yourself you need to be prepared to delete everything you thought you knew about anything, including who you think you are, how the world works, or your “life’s purpose”. You will need to be prepared to let go of old friends, addiction to knowledge, and anything that is not in resonance with the core essence of the realness of your being.

This is not about learning a few techniques and slipping back in to old habits, this about dying to the old version of you and allowing the phoenix to rise from the ashes to take flight in to a brand new reality with limitless possibilites. At times this will feel like a real death and it is then that your resilience will be tested and the personal power you have accumulated from your dedication to the journey will be your candles along the way and your guidance to a higher and more graceful level of existence. It is also the point on your journey where having a guide to help find your way home is nurturing and soothing.

If you have read this far then the question I have for you is, are you ready? 

If you are ready to take the deep dive down the rabbit hole with me then my 12 week mentoring programme is for you. I am not a guru nor someone who will tell you what to do, I am a wayshower who walks the walk and I will share my insights with you and will empower you to walk this journey alone with the tools you need for a magical life. The rest is up to you.

I understand that some of you have the desire to go deep with me but may not have the resources right now to back up that commitment so I have other options for you including the Gold, Silver, & Bronze versions of the 12 Week Mentoring Programme which involves less mentoring hours but the same level of dedication is required.

I run short courses from time to time with varying themes such as shamanic land clearings, inner family workshops, and energy healing. 

I also offer one off 1-1 Mentoring Sessions, Belvaspata Private Ceremonies, and Private Rune Readings.

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12 Week Mentoring Programme (4 levels available)

1- 1 Private Mentoring Session

Land & Building Clearing

Private Rune Reading

Private Belvaspata Ceremony

Soul Retrieval


I started seeing Shane approx 6 weeks after the death of my husband.The feeling of helplessness despair and raw physical hurt was at the least overwhelming. 

I was aware of Shane’s work and always had a positive view on energy work but my knowledge of this vast opportunity was extremely limited.

I feel like I was catapulted into this type of healing. I could not resign myself to labels and merely existing for my children, bringing them up in an unhappy home.

Shane, like anyone else, cannot fix grief but as promised he has provided me with the tools to navigate my way out of the midnight panic attacks feelings of helplessness, weakness, and yearning to give up . I Have completed 3  x 12 week programmes (2 Platinum and 1 Gold) with Shane and I practice his meditations and use the powerful alchemical healing oils at home. This has become a way of life for me. I have set backs and everyday life cannot be ignored but I feel stronger to deal with what life has given me. I have no anger or blame. I have trust that this is the path for me and I’m learning to become whole, happy, and at one with myself.

I cannot reccomend Shane highly enough. I would be very comfortable speaking to anyone about my experience . This is not a quick fix but I feel like it’s like a scenic bypass! 


I started going to see Shane as part of his 12 week Gold programme to get help for a chronic illness and family bereavement. After each session I felt stronger, energised, light and motivated to make my life better in any way possible. Shane helped me to get my confidence back, to make goals (even little ones) and just keep going through the dark times. His beautiful garden and log cabin are so inviting. Such a welcoming and extremely powerful environment. Even 5 months after completing the programme, I still use the techniques I learned daily. A life changing experience that I can’t recommend enough.


Dear Shane,

What a spectacular adventure!!

I signed up to the 12 Week Intensive Programme, not exactly knowing what to expect yet knowing deep in my heart that it was the most perfect option for me 🙂  

The changes that have occurred within me are profound and fully reflected in my changing circumstances.  I am now living in my dream home with people I really respect and resonate with – a perfect location for a perfect price and about to sign the dotted line for my dream job!  This is really special as it’s a role I could not have imagined even existing before now – yet it seems 100% tailor-made for me!

This is all pretty astonishing as in hindsight, the issues I was struggling with were:  an uncomfortable living arrangement, a sense of feeling undervalued and unsupported in work, difficulty breaking the habit of drinking (alcohol).  I knew alcohol didn’t suit me but found it difficult to avoid the situations where drinking was involved.  Now, it actually doesn’t even apply.  I can easily not drink or even think about it for weeks or months on end, and if I do partake, I can enjoy a glass, appreciate it’s qualities and not continue beyond that.  No more hangovers or wasted energy resources!  My personal power is too precious to me now to squander and I have a new level of respect and love for how I can use it for increased awareness, loving support and guidance.

It was such a comfort to have Shane’s constant support over the three months.  I really looked forward to every one of our meetings and gained so many insights along the way.  All expectations flew out the window in the first session and I was able to settle into myself in a new way, knowing I was fully supported and held both by Shane and by these new resources I have discovered within myself.  It really was like having a big “soul brother” to hold my hand and fearlessly lead me into the unknown!

While I initially found it difficult to express what my heartsong was, I now really understand all that it is not and this has been a huge revelation to me!  I can easily enter into the flow of life, and Infinite’s intent by just paying attention to the subtle currents of resistance and release within myself, trusting the markers that are constantly guiding me and fully surrendering to the unknowable magical adventure 🙂

Challenges have almost become a game that I can play – I now welcome them and gain so much clarity by navigating through them.  I am in a constant state of glad expectations now – embracing everything that unfolds.

I love my personal practice and have committed more fully to it than I could have imagined.  My friends have commented on the wise advice I have been able to offer during difficult times but I feel much less emotionally involved/affected by any of these issues.  It’s easy for me to step in and out with grace and not get tied up in any dramas.  They just don’t hold any interest for me any more as my perspective has shifted and expanded.

Shane has been so generous with his teachings – the resources and materials he has shared with me will be tools I can use for many years to come.  They will not only benefit me and those in my circles, but I will also be able to take my own healing work with clients to the next level as a result.  Even after our programme finished, Shane continues to check in and to send more materials for me to carry on with.  I am so grateful for his eloquent observations and constant loving kindness throughout.  I have gained so much and know that these new tools will have a ripple effect on all interactions in my life.

I truly consider Shane to be a very special blessing in my life.  I treasure our friendship and wholeheartedly commit to honouring his work in my own.

In constant gratitude and appreciation…

Nicola Staunton